Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions (October 2019)

Facebook Cover Photo Dimensions Mockup

I never judge a book by its cover, but I always judge a business by its Facebook cover photo.


Too Long, Didn’t Read.

Here’s a summary before we get started.

What Dimensions Should I Use For My Facebook Cover Photo?

820px wide, 360px tall. But important information should be in the middle section.

What file type should i use?

If mostly photo, JPG is the right file type, in particular with sRGB color space.
If text is present, PNG is great too.

What should be in my Facebook cover photo?

This depends on your business, but a clear single photo is always great, not zoomed in.
Some text content is fine, but keep it clear and crisp, no more than 10 words if possible.

How often should i change my cover photo?

No more than once per week, no less than four times a year.

Do different devices show my Facebook cover photo differently?

Your Facebook cover photo is shown differently on mobile, tablet and desktop view, with each view hiding certain parts.

Do you have a template?

Our Canva Facebook Cover Photo Template is available by subscribing below.


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The Core Aspects

Have you ever asked yourself –

What is the best Facebook Cover Photo size?
How do I make my Facebook cover photo better quality?
Why does my Facebook cover photo look pixelated?
What should my Facebook cover photo be?
How do I make a Facebook cover photo?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you’re in the right place.

So, what ARE the correct dimensions for a Facebook Cover Photo?

The best dimensions, as of October 2019, for a Facebook Cover Photo, are 820px wide x 360px tall.
These Dimensions are ideal for both mobile and desktop views.

Are there any differences between mobile and desktop views?

Facebook Cover Photos definitely have different views on mobile and desktop.
On mobile, Facebook does not show the 90px on left and right of your image.
On desktop, Facebook does not show the 24px at top and bottom of your image.

This leaves you with a centered usable space of around 640px wide and 312px tall.

How do I get the best quality Facebook Cover Photo?

We’ve seen it all! Blurry photos, Badly cropped photos, Photos with too much text…
Luckily there are some clear cut ways to make sure your image looks great –
1) Is your cover photo mostly picture based? Make sure your image is a high quality JPG
2) Do you have some text in there that is important? Make sure your image is a high quality PNG
3) Always use the correct dimensions (820×360)
4) If possible, use sRGB color space (this is the default in Canva, don’t worry)

What should my cover photo be?

Think of your cover photo like the headline area of a newspaper.
You want to have a clear image as the core focus, with other optional elements being –
a) Your Logo (a nice high quality PNG, not a monstrous jpg with a white background)
b) Your business name
c) A slogan or seasonal phrase
d) Important contact information (but not too much)

Here are some examples –

How do I make a Facebook Cover Photo?

There are many options for free and paid graphic design solutions. The most famous of the free options is Canva (canva.com) and features many free templates and stock photos, but these templates are not fully optimized, so use at your own risk!

Other free options include –

  • Just upload a photo of your business (not zoomed in)
  • GIMP Software
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Gravit Designer

There are many paid options including –

  • Canva Pro
  • Adobe Suite
  • Gravit Pro
  • Stencil
  • Pixteller
  • Glorify

If you are not looking for a long term financial commitment, Stray Cat Digital is able to create one off designs or annual seasonal designs for any business, just get in touch at 330-340-4806 or info@straycatdigital.

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